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  1. Gurn Reply

    Apr 02,  · Sippy Cup Or Tipsy Cup. Restaurant | Working | April 2, (I’m waiting on a table with a small child, whose parents order her a virgin strawberry daiquiri. I’m in a hurry and forget to make a note to the bartender to put it in a children’s cup. Sure enough, when I go to check on the table, the child has spilled her drink all over the.

  2. Kazit Reply

    Nov 21,  · I only used sippy's for this reason. I started my kids on open cups at 12 months while sitting in a chair and floor covered in plastics. They liked the open cups (with only a table spoon of liquids at a time in the cup) better. For sippy cups I use the take an toss brand NOT the straw ones, but the ones with a spout, they only have 3 small holes.

  3. Keran Reply

    When she started trying to steal his sippy cup, I figured it was time to begin transitioning her to her own cup. So off I went to the store to pick out cups. It still amazes me how many choices there are – a complete wall of sippy cups. Thankfully I’ve been through this before and know exactly what I’m looking for in a first sippy cup.

  4. Zulkijar Reply

    In a one-shot release on Bologna, Italy 's unhip records, Land of the Loops put out one side of a 2-sided EP with Buckminster Fuzeboard in The Land of the Loops side contains the song "Sippy.

  5. Tygogar Reply

    But the bottle of this sippy cup is slightly different from the other Tommee Tippee bottles--it is a bit wider and has more ridges on the sides. My son immediately noticed the difference and refuses to use it, even if I switch the sippy cup top with a regular bottle ldinsisinymemnamarmesuvastlerbman.coinfos:

  6. Toktilar Reply

    Sippy cups sometimes have a way of going missing-whether they're left at the park, lost at preschool, or hidden under the car seat. The entire take & Toss line helps you reuse and recycle! These dishwasher safe spill-proof sippy cups can be used again and again, but don't cost a lot. When it's time to let them go, They can be easily recycled in Reviews: K.

  7. Shaktigul Reply

    The weighted base of Munchkin’s new No Tip™ Cup keeps this cup upright even when little elbows knock it to and fro. The grip is perfectly sized for little hands, too. Fewer spills at the table means you can spend less time on clean up duty and still give your kiddo the confidence to drink from a big kid cup.

  8. Migar Reply

    May 07,  · I can't seem to get my son's sippy cup open no matter how hard I try. It is the third time it has been on there so tight- the first time my husband couldn't get it either (and he is pretty strong!) so we just threw it away. Now I have two more stuck and I can't open them for the life of me. I bought a jar grip/opener and it doesn't fit quite right so it doesn't help.

  9. Tera Reply

    Apr 04,  · absolutely not. unless you are an adult with special needs hence the sippy cup. Posted at pm Apr 4, EDT. bellebabies says nope. Posted at pm Apr 4, EDT. SoCaliGirl says Nope.. Tho I do put tea in my 14 month old's.

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