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    Aug 13,  · The spleen is a brown, oval-shaped organ located in the upper left side of the abdomen just below the rib cage. Part of the lymphatic system, it performs a number of important functions in the body that protect us from the effects of outside “invaders,” stress and certain deficiencies.

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    Apr 14,  · The spleen sits under your rib cage in the upper left part of your abdomen toward your back. It is an organ that is part of the lymph system .

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    Sep 18,  · Spleen cancer is cancer that develops in your spleen — an organ located in the upper-left side of your belly. It’s part of your lymphatic system. Your spleen’s job is to: filter out damaged blood Author: Julie Marks.

  4. Faukasa Reply

    The spleen is a fist-sized organ in the upper left side of your abdomen, next to your stomach and behind your left ribs. It's an important part of your immune system, but you can survive without it. This is because the liver can take over many of the spleen's functions. What does the spleen do?

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    noun a highly vascular, glandular, ductless organ, situated in humans at the cardiac end of the stomach, serving chiefly in the formation of mature lymphocytes, in the destruction of worn-out red blood cells, and as a reservoir for blood.

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    The spleen is part of the lymphatic system, which plays a role in immunity and maintenance of healthy blood cells. It is an important organ and is affected by disorders of the blood, liver, and immune system. An enlarged spleen is known as splenomegaly.

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    Jun 23,  · The spleen is the largest organ of the lymphatic ldinsisinymemnamarmesuvastlerbman.coinfod in the upper left region of the abdominal cavity, the spleen's primary function is to filter blood of damaged cells, cellular debris, and pathogens such as bacteria and ldinsisinymemnamarmesuvastlerbman.coinfo the thymus, the spleen houses and aids in the maturation of immune system cells called lymphocytes.

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    Mar 08,  · The spleen sits in the upper left part of your abdomen. It’s located behind your ribs, under your diaphragm, and above and behind to your stomach. This fist-shaped, oblong organ is .

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