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  1. Mogor Reply

    SENSO, part of your project. SENSO has been a Canadian manufacture of LED fixtures for over ten years. We represent Quality, Dedication, Innovation, Transparency, Teamwork, and Sustainability. Our mission is: To light your world with custom solutions that are beautiful, economical, and sustainable. Read About The TeamMissing: Album).

  2. Kitaxe Reply

    Contorture, Sanctuary - LP. Contorture, No Sanctuary – LP BLACK VINYL. Gothenburg d-beat noise manglers delivers their second LP, 18 new furious tunes of freedom and resistance. Full fuzz distroted guitars on top of a raw and brutal d-beated drumming and the mad growled harsh vocals that sets a mark for these mangeling sisters from GBG.

  3. Taurg Reply

    CONTRASTO “Statico senso” heroes of Romagna Punk-Hc limited edition full lenght album! From Cesena CONTRASTO / KALASHNIKOV “Come il soffitto di una chiesa bombardata” great Punk-Hc in light blue vinyl from Cesena and Milano (10”) CONTRASTO / NAGASAKI NIGHTMARE “Rabbia trafigge immobile resa” Punk-HC from Cesena meets Crust-Core.

  4. Ketaxe Reply

    I sensori di contrasto vengono impiegati prevalentemente per il riconoscimento delle marcature all'interno di macchine per il confezionamento e per la stampa. I sensori di contrasto KT di SICK rilevano i contrasti minimi a velocità molto elevate, ad es. marcature stampate su pellicole o imballaggi. Sono in grado di riconoscere anche lievi differenze della scala di grigi tra marcatura e sfondo Missing: Album).

  5. Malazil Reply

    Discografia Album in studio. - Statico senso (LP, Agipunk, MVDS) - Sentenza/condanna di vuota comparsa (LP, Agipunk, Rebound Action, Equal Rights, Messaggio 8) - Tornare ai resti (LP, MVDS Autoproduzioni, NKTN Rehorz, Dischirozzi, Equal Rights, Kalashnikov Collective, L'Oltraggio Autoproduzioni, A'rraggia, Furiosi E Selvaggi HC, Totentanz Diy, Anfibio Records, Obdura Distro.

  6. Zulkilar Reply

    CONTRASTO Statico Senso LP Great Italian political HC punk here. Very fast played (mostly) and angry sounding, but like the old Italian bands still trying to sound tuneful too and those furious Italian vocals that are renowned from past Italian bands.

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